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Rainbow Crystals | Iris Agate Meaning and Uses

Iris Agate is also called an iridescent agate. Iris Agate is also known as rainbow agate even though a couple of vendors call any agate which is colorful, even when this stone does not have the iridescent effect. Iris Agate offers the entire colors of the rainbow when you find that this is thinly sliced. The effect of the Iris Agate is more delicate than fire agate. The rainbow effect is the outcome of very tightly packed and very thin layers and banding and can show in colorless or pale chalcedony. The Iris Agate is also found mostly in North America even though a couple of them have been noted in Argentina. Due to it has to be sliced so thinly, Iris Agate is rare in jewelry fairly.

Iris Effect

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Most of agates are not going to produce an iris effect. A couple of candidates are those which are much banded and nearly transparent. Iris Agate has to be sliced so that the sawn surface is shown to the banding of the agate. The spectral colors will be stronger is the Iris Agate is sliced thinner. In order to allow the easy entry of light without the scattering is caused by an unpolished surface, the surface of the Iris Agate should be polished brightly.

In order to observe the iris effect, Iris Agate has to be positioned between the observer and a light source by using the rays of light which is striking the surface of the agate perpendicular into the surface which has been polished. A maximum amount of light is going to enter the agate at that angle.

Iris Agate Ring Jewelry or Sale

Iris Agate can be placed on a display stand or put on a string which is located in front of a sunny window. It can be mounted in a display case by using backlighting. A couple of people display Iris Agate in jewelry.