Rabu, 08 Juli 2015

The Beauty of Almandine Garnet Gemstone

There are numerous of gemstone that is being sell at the market. Most of gemstone seller are selling the real mineral gemstone, although there are also some that are selling the fake one. It is quite difficult to make comparison and difference between the imitation and real one. Almandine Garnetis one of the gemstone that is quite popular among the collector. The raw Almandine already have a high price, but it wont stop the collector to look for this kind of raw gem material.This also the gemstone that represents the energy and passion of scarlet and red color. This gemstone is an Iron Aluminum Silicate and belongs to the garnet group.

Almandine Garnet Meaning

How does the look of Almandine?

Almandine Garnet Jewelry
Raw Almandine is interesting. Usually, it have a reddish orange to red color, or even some slightly purplish red to reddish purple. The textures of raw Almandine is greasy and vitreous, it also have a good an even pattern, so it will be easier to recognize. Once the Almandine have become a polished gemstone, it will look even more interesting. Polished Almandine usually will have a brighter color, sometimes it will become a transparent orange. If Almandine Garnetis being viewed from spectroscope in a strong lighting, it will shows three characteristic absorption bands.

Origins of Almandine

This beauty gemstone is mostly come from the gem-gravel of Sri Lanka. For a few years ago, a large deposit of Almandine Garnetwere found in the Northern Australia. People was mistakenly named this Almandine as an Australian Ruby, from its distinctive reddish color. Almandine raw material and polished gemstone is widely distributed all across the region, although the price is rather high. Purpose of Almandine

Like the most of gemstones, Almandines also take its part mostly as a room decoration. For some of the people, Almandine is being used as jewelries and as a stone in their ring. The coarse part of Almandine are often crushed and be used as an abrasive material.