Selasa, 21 Juli 2015

Gemstone Meaning : Glossy-Colored Citrine Stone

Who know anything about Citrine? You can say that is one of the Gemstone, but the fact is that this is one of a reference about certain colored, and one varieties of quartz. It have a deep shade of golden yellow color. Not only that somewhat yellow, it also has been summarized with other as well, such as pure-yellow, greenish-yellow, brownish-yellow, even orange. After a long time of debating about color, we know that name of Citrine was actually refers from the Citrine color of Citron fruit.

Purity of Citrine

Citrine Stone Meaning

This is one from a large family of quartz, so it is still the family of Topaz. Yes, Topaz is one of the most famous gemstone that is standing on the top of the thrones of gem. The clear-looking, make this gemstone is perfect for your home decoration. Just like all of the crystal quartzes, this shiny-citrine has a hardness of 7 of Mohs Scale. It might not easy to be scratched, but you might still need to handle this beauty with care, and you can’t just throw it away like that. The purity of Citrine is really looks like a calming glow of autumn. It just really like a golden wine or sparkling Madeira, it is just totally beautiful.

Citrine Crystals Healing Properties

Origins of Citrine

This rare and beauty gemstone, have a traces of Silicone Dioxide. Historically, it has been found in Spain, where are several mines can be found overseas. In earlier year, Citrine not yet got its popularity, but after a long time, finally there are discoveries that the amethysts can be rendered yellow by burning. In Europe, the trend of Citrine didn’t start until the earlier 1930, until expatriate agate cutters start to sent a large quantities of Citrine back home to Europe from Uruguay and Brazil. This golden quartz made a huge contribution to Idar-Oberstein as the one of the world’s biggest gemstones centers.