Sabtu, 11 Juli 2015

The Finest Gemstone - Aquamarine Metaphysical Properties

There are lot of gemstone that is very popular with their own unique characteristic. For the unwary eyes, they cannot make any difference between the real gemstone and the imitation one. Grinding and polishing might not working well to differentiate both of the gemstone.

Aquamarine is one of the gemstone that have a lot of imitation. Most of the cheating gemstone seller make an imitation of Aquamarine because it has a high selling price. This gemstone is rare, and rather hard to found. Its name is derived from the Latin words of ‘aqua’ for water and ‘mare’, which is ocean. Some said that this gemstone could get some strength and effectiveness when it is placed in water and bath it in the sunlight.

Aquamarine Gemstone Meanings

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Aquamarine have a strong and interesting ocean-blue color. Other varieties of this gemstone is known to have a different color. Some have a pale blue, and some others have a translucent clear blue. That blue color mostly came from the Iron. The stronger the color, the price tag will also become higher.This gemstone also belongs the beryl family, which is related with Emerald. The textures of raw Aquamarineis plain and smooth. Raw Aquamarine have a good hardness, with number eight on the scale. That kind of hardness make this gem is very tough, and can protect it from any kind of deep scratches.

Aquamarine Agate Stone Healing

Raw Aquamarine mostly extracted from the summit of Mount Antero in central Colorado. Back in the past, large number of raw Aquamarine was found and extracted from Minas Gerais, Brazil. The largest cut of this gemstone is the Dom Pedro Aquamarine, which is now housed in the Smithsonian institution’s Museum.

Aquamarine is the symbolism of sympathy, trust, harmony and a friendship. Most of the people still use it as their sign of a long-lasting relationship. More than that, this gemstone is no more than just a pricey jewelries.